Joe Donato Jr.

Welcome to the spot on the internet with everything you need to know about Joe Donato Jr.  This is where you can find information about my sales management experience, category management skills, merchandising capabilities, communication and presentation skills, website development and my education.                                                                                           . Below you will find a summary of my skills and abilities, each of which has its own page with a more comprehensive review of my capabilities.  Every skill developed is used to further my career by continually bettering myself and broadening my knowledge base. I appreciate you stopping by and browsing my website.  Further information on each skill is found by following the link at the end of each section or by checking out the main menu.  If you would like to reach me, you can send an email here:

Skills & Abilities

Sales Management

  • Experienced selling natural, organic, specialty, ethnic and kosher foods within the grocery, frozen, dairy, deli, bakery, seafood, and the meat and produce departments to corporate buyers and at store level.
  • Accomplished executive level sales manager of a team consisting of over 500 personnel, representing over 20,000 specialty food items and serving a customer base in 40 states, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asian, with over 2,400 retail locations.
  • Developed sales promoting, team building programs when launching sales initiatives. This includes sales reports that predict P&L stages; setting goals at the corporate, regional, and sale rep levels; creating presentations, brochures, and program sell sheets; as well as frequent communications updating progress and sales growth.

Category Management & Merchandising

  • As Director of Category Management, I have experience developing Category Review schedules and strategies. Managed a team data mining and gathering market data to create and execute a strategic plan for the category.  In constant communication with buyers, vendors and brokers to craft go to market programs as well as in communication with the operations departments and store level execution personnel.
  • Experience with Retail Store Design. Creating store layouts using CAD and Category-Space Allocation Analysis. Picking item selection and building plan-o-grams for grocery, frozen, deli, dairy, and seafood departments.
  • Plan-o-gram creation using Apollo and Space Planning, in-store plan-o-gram implementation, and merchandising display program execution.


  • Daily communications with sales force, various internal departments, customers, vendors, and brokers.
  • Developed and produced company overviews, sales program literature, customer presentations and business reviews. Using Publisher and Photoshop, created a streamlined way for the sales force to access product information an images by request on their phone or through a website.
  • Proficient in web design, social media marketing, newsletter management, and digital marketing.

Program Knowledge

  • Proficient skills in many computer programs, suites and programming languages. Extremely knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Suite using Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word and Access to build customer presentations, manage budgets, predict sales and write business proposals.
  • A background in communication and marketing has led to expert level skills in Photoshop, Dreamweaver and After-effects with a focus on enhancing sales techniques with visual aids in the form of websites, sell sheets, image catalogs, instructional videos and creative graphics and charts.
  • With a passion of all things “techy”, skills developed in HTML/CSS, C++, SQL, Visual Basic and Xcode allow for complete understanding in web design, computer programming, database management and iOS App development.