Joe Donato Jr.

Welcome to the spot on the internet with everything you need to know about Joe Donato Jr.  This is where you can find information about my sales management experience, category management skills, merchandising capabilities, communication and presentation skills, website development and my education.                         […]

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Sales Experience

Accomplished executive level sales manager of a sales force of over 500 team members, representing over 20,000 specialty food items and serving a customer base in 40 states, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asian, with over 2,400 retail locations.

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Daily communications with sales force, various internal departments, customers, vendors, and brokers. Developed and produced company overviews, sales program literature, customer presentation and business reviews, and product image catalogs, Experienced in web design, social media marketing, newsletter management, and digital marketing and sales.

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Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Pennsylvania State University in Corporate Communications, skills learned while furthering my education has help develop me into a sales manager with not only a passion for sales but a full range of knowledge in public relations, business writing, presentation development, marketing programs and more.

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